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Holland Park Physio

Holland Park Physio
Whenever we are ill, we do anything in order to restore our bodies into optimal health. However most of us tend to be biased towards invasive medicine, that is, surgeries, administration of medicine and the likes. However, what most of us don’t understand is that there are some pretty beneficial means of treatment out there that do not involve any invasion on the body. Vivo Physio and Management was developed for offering such kind of medicine. We are the Holland Park Physio experts. We help in the treatment of a plethora of conditions and illnesses through education, exercise and massage.

Why Choose Us?


Customized Services
Unlike other health facilities, we are determined to offering tailored services to each and every one of our patients. We evaluate your medical issue, and your needs. We then engage you in the decision making process where we decide on the best strategy for tackling your illness.

Quality Services

By now you must have heard about us from the different patients that we have treated. For every patient, we aim at delivering quality care such that their conditions are tackled once and for all. Be one of the beneficiaries of our quality physiotherapy services. I promise you, you will have nothing to regret.


Maintaining a high level of transparency is one of our core values. Our team is trained to ensure that they engage patients throughout all our processes. Also, when you visit our website, you will find that we give you a pre-computed pricing. This will help you in planning your finances before you can visit us. Additionally, it will help you avoid the frustrating hidden costs.

Whole health management
Our services are aimed at treating the issue that you currently suffer from. Additionally, it also tackles on all other aspects of your health.