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Good Physio

Garden City Physio 

Garden City Physio helps patients effectively deal with sports injuries. With the use of machines, carpal tunnel syndrome is on the rise. This and other injuries listed demonstrates the need for sport treatment facilities.

Quality Care:

Eight-physiotherapist work in this clinic, acupuncture and hydrotherapy are also offered to patients. The experience of Garden City Physio therapists at the clinic comprises almost 200 years of injury experience. Psychotherapists are trained to diagnosis and treat sports injuries. Healing is a long process and getting back into the game is the desire of most athletes. However, the body may appear healed from the outside but delicate muscles and other tissue may be far from ready for the vigorous physical strain.


Physiotherapist implement tests, estimating stability, neuromuscular control balance, and strength. This aids in measuring the body’s fitness for heavier activity, avoiding a recurrence of the injury. Garden City Physico is able to prepare a training regimen, enabling athletes to return to their activities; healthier and ready for the challenge.

Chronic Pain Treatment:

Diagnosis and prescribed treatments are given and effectively scheduled for the recovery of patient injuries. Treatments are available for a number of sports injuries that cause pain but can be treated.

  • Muscle tears


  • Knee pain


  • Achilles tendonitis


  • Plantar Fasciitis


  • Hip Bursitis


  • Sprains


  • Frozen shoulder


  • Migraines


  • Lower back pain


  • Whiplash

Maintaining Health:

Training is important when participating in most sport, bike races, marathons, swimming; baseball, soccer, and football might all lead to serious sports related injury. Professional guidance, when preparing for these events can lead to greater accomplishment and fewer injuries.

Excellent Facilities:

A gym and spa are ready for patients to begin the road to recovery under the guidance of Garden City Physico therapists. During sports activities, anything can place a player on the bench, a broken ankle, dislocated shoulder or arthritic conditions. This facility is also for non-athletes. Anyone can become injured and require therapy.